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Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas

Ok, Boise stepped up to the plate and we had a White Christmas! Here are some pictures of our snowman! there is also a video of the Santa experience to further illustrate the chaos and hilarity of it all!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

crazy dayz

Ok, twelve years later I get around to another blog. I guess you could say the holidays were stressful, yeah, let's just say that. But, after looking over all your blogs, I can't help myself! I am so glad to look at some long-lost friends! Kisha, Mindy, hey wait, where are Sara and Nikki? give it time, and I'm sure I'll see them on Michelle's link soon! Life is moving right along, and we are trying to keep up. I am going to seek out some pictures to post, keep up the good postings, I love them!
Here is Boise's first attempt at snow, it was a little sad, but the kids didn't mind; it has gotten much better since!

This is the annual traumatizing trip to the mall to visit Santa. Elliott wouldn't stop crying unless we said, "it's Santa: HO HO HO" over and over. He would only stop crying long enough to repeat "HO HO HO". Thus the expression on his face.

This is Lucy's picture from her fisher price camera. Boy, I must really like to play the guitar huh? Just wait till I cash in on my Christmas present and get that banjo! I'll really be rocking then!