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Thursday, January 17, 2013

COULD NOT be Prouder of our LUCY GIRL!!

There is going to be a lot of talk these next few months, about Lucy and her blackbelt. It's funny, because I knew this was coming, she's had this goal for almost 3 years, and it became more real when she got her deputy belt about 8 months ago, but now that it's here--now that it's REALLY happening--I can't believe how proud I am of her!
Keep in mind, it's not just one big test and it's over; she has 3 mandatory tests, each a month apart, and two sets of special mandatory classes and a huge physical fitness quota to complete. Her first "maintenance" test was on the 12th of January. She was nervous, and practiced with her dvd all week. We had a stomach bug going around our house that week, the kind that put you flat on your back without food or drink for 24 hours, and isn't nice to your digestive process at all. Guess who got it friday night: LUCY!!! She woke up saturday feeling just awful! Her Dad, in all his loving wisdom, offered to give her a priesthood blessing before he left for work. He blessed her that she has practiced hard, and that she was ready, and she would be successful in her test, then off he went. She was down flat all morning, until, gradually, she asked for a smoothie, then pretzels, then a banana...she was slowly recovering. 

By 1:00, she was still on the couch under the covers, but she was getting into her uniform under there. She left for the test with barely anything in her stomach and a nervous smile on her face. For 2 hours she stood and kicked and did forms, and sparred, and she passed!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

(she's second from the right...with the ponytail)

(she's in the middle, above the letters dd)

She came home and immediately went back to the couch, crept under the blanket and stayed there for the rest of the weekend. But she did it. The priesthood blessing and all her practice gave her the faith to believe she could do it with Heaven's help, and she did! What a girl. We love our little Lucy Girl so much!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Starting off with **SNOW**

It started to snow Christmas Day, and there has been snow on the ground ever since!! We haven't had a winter like this in ages and the kids are LOVING IT!! The first big snow storm, they didn't get a snow-day from school because the roads were clear. While they were at school hoping the snow doesn't melt, Archie and I were at home having playdates!!

Archie's just getting to the age where playdates are actually accomplishing something. He is also just starting to like bubbles, which I love. Elliott was good enough to teach him the word "MINE!!" last week; thanks a lot Elliott. So, now we are working on sharing. It's been fun.

Luckily, when they got home, the snow was still there. Lucy went sledding on a nearby hill with her friend, Lauren.

Then we had nice 40 degree weather, and it almost melted away. But, that night, it froze and snowed a few more inches: SNOWDAY!!
How do we celebrate snow days at our house? I'll show you:

Elliott got his cavities filled at the dentist and then got a haircut with Dad, I was on the couch all day with a stomach bug that Mike shared with me, but it wasn't all so dreary...

(by the way, Elliott was a total champ. This was his first cavity, and he did GREAT!!)

The kids DID get to play in the snow. We haven't had a snowman yet this year, but Elliott made a pretty sweet snow cave, and they both painted in the snow with colored water

And of course there was lots of shoveling.

Even Archie got to play, until his hands turned purple and we decided he'd had enough and we dragged him kicking and screaming back into the house...poor guy, its not easy being 1.

Then Dad took the kids for frozen yogurt (crazy, I know, but they earned it by being a superstar at the dentist, and Lucy being the world's best little helper while Mom was sick) and sledding again. 

Meanwhile, Archie couldn't get enough of his Lightning McQueen wellies. Its his new love.

The verdict is in: the Hynes Family is LOVING THE SNOW!!! Keep it coming mother nature!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ringing in 2013!!!

I told you about Archie's infatuation with stuffed toys in bed...here is the proof!! I walked in to get him from his nap, and it was like "where's Waldo" for toddlers. How cute is he?!?!

On New Year's Eve, we went with our cousins Jason, Kristine, Rowan and Maric to a fun place in town called Big Al's. Elliott has wanted to go there for a long time, and it was fun. We played in the arcade and then bowled, headed for BBQ, then rang in the New Year (The New York New Year at 10pm) at their house with sparkling cider and streamers.

This year was SPECTACULAR!! Mike and I ran a lot, topped it off with a half-marathon in September, Archie was diagnosed, treated and in recovery, Elliott learned to read, Lucy has tether-balled: what fun we've had!!! Looking forward to next year! Elliott will get baptized, and be in second grade!! Lucy will turn 10!!!! Archie will (hopefully) be potty trained, Mike will train and race in a FULL marathon, I will hopefully figure out this knee thing and I will train for one too, and many more adventures!!!!