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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Arizona Longings...

I want to reminisce about our AMAZING trip to visit family in AZ. These pictures make me happy and sad all at once! I had so much fun, but I miss them so much! These are the last remnants of the trip, so enjoy them!

The kids at the airport; all ready for take-off! They love watching the planes fly in and guessing which will be ours.

Archie on the flight. Even though he had a double ear infection, he was such a great baby on both flights.

We tried a yummy little pastry shop on Main street. The kids got to enjoy cookies the size of their heads!

Then it was off to the ball game! I lived in Arizona for almost 18 years, and never went to a spring training game! Mike had something to say about that. We were able to go to the Cubs verses Brewers game, and it was a hot, fun, hot dog eating, sun-block wearing time with Papa and Gramma and the gang! Mike wants to make it a yearly tradition...I AM ALL FOR THAT!

Every trip to Arizona has to come with a trip to Water n Ice for some Thrifty Chocolate Malt Ball Crunch ice cream!!!! It used to be a cylindrical scoop, but I ate it too quickly. Hey, it's Arizona, ice cream melts!

Lucy and her little cousin Sara...two peas in a pod. Sara liked Lucy's haircut so much, she had Aunt Alicia cut hers too!

Cute girlies!

I met up with some high school friends and went ice-blocking; it's Arizona's version of snow sledding.

Mike, Lucy and I had a race. On your mark,

Get set,


Here you can see how Mike totally sabotages me!! I would have won for sure.

Morgan set up a tent in the backyard and let the kids play in it. It was our last day there, and the kids had great fun!

I love this picture. I love my parents. I love Arizona. I love Mike for letting me go and visit.

Heading home. It had to happen, it's the way of things. Until next time.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

In No Particular Order...

I know I haven't finished the Arizona trip yet, but I realized that I haven't finished the pre-Arizona stuff yet either! So, I have to interject some older pictures before I can get to the newer pictures...geesh, I hate being behind on my blogging!

Archie: "who do you think I look like Mommy?"

Archie: "This guy?"

Ringside at the hockey game with Had Abogi.

Archie all gussied up for church. His first "superman hair".

The view we most often see of him nowadays.

Just cute. He's finally steady enough to sit up for his bath! My back appreciates this very much.

Playing in the sunshine. This kept him occupied for about 10 minutes!

First taste of tofu. Won't be the last.

Elliott starts t-ball next week. Here he is warming up. I played t-ball and softball my whole childhood; no football or soccer. I didn't even kick a soccer ball until I was in my 20s! Baseball is what it's all about! I'm super excited!
Nope, we're not caught up yet, both kids tested to taekwondo on the same night this go around! We don't have a ton of pictures because we took mostly videos, but we are so proud of them! Lucy moved up to high-red, and Elliott to green. They are the best!

In order for Lucy to advance, she had to write a short essay...her first essay question!! The English major in me is so excited and so proud.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring swim

It is warm enough here to swim already! A neighbor had a heated pool, and the kids got to swim twice: once at night, and once in the afternoon.

The night swim:

It was past Archie's bedtime, so this is how he and Dad enjoyed the swimming time:

Afternoon swim: those are super-sweet goggles Elliott!

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Some things shrink in the heat...

...Like lucy's hair!

Here are her glorious root beer colored locks before the cut.

The prep.

The cut!!

The cleanup.

The cuteness.

This is the second time Lucy has cut her hair for Locks of Love. We are so proud of her ! Thanks Aunt Alicia for making it so fun and beautiful!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Still Living it up in AZ

We got to pick citrus at an old friend's house. Yummy!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quick AZ moments

We are visiting my family in Arizona!!

Here are my little ones at the airport.

The turtle Dot. She loves me.

Elliott and Will riding around.

Lucy, Sara and Cassidy playing on their DSs.

First night's dinner was hot dogs!! Yummy!

Papa and Gramma had a grapefruit the kids could pick and I could eat.

We tried giving Archie some formula. After 2 sips, he threw up his weight in yuckiness, then broke out in hives. Guess he's allergic to formula. Oh well, it wouldn't be a Hynes family vacation without a little drama!

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