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Monday, October 31, 2011

October Odds and Ends

Here are some pictures to tie up some loose October ends. This is the problem with getting behind on my blogging; it seems like every post becomes a game of catch-up! Oh well, at least the pictures are fun to look at, right? Off we go:

Some Archie shots by Uncle Jason on Lucy's baptism day...

This is a project Lucy did at school. I walked down the hall in her school and saw this hanging on the wall. I love how sweet she is, and this kinda sums it up:
"it's fun to Love, I hope to be a good person, and I care about Archie".
Archie representin!!! (the Steelers of course!)
One of the last GORGEOUS autumn days at the park by our house.

Up next, yet another sum-up! This time it's the festivities of the last weeks of October. It's a doozy, but it'll be GREAT! Then I'll be all caught up, I promise! Until next month when all sorts of fun things happen and I don't blog them fast enough. It's like laundry, I just can't ever seem to catch up with it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Elliott's First Testing!!

After years of watching Lucy test for higher belts in taekwondo, it was finally Elliott's turn! He has only been out of the little tigers class for a month, but they teach them everything they need to know to test for yellow, so after a month of white belt, he tested for yellow! Mike and I were a mess! It is so STRESSFUL!!!!! He did great though. We are so proud. Pappa, Gramma, Aunt Juliet, Harmony and Had Abogi all got to be there because it just happened to be scheduled for the day before Lucy's baptism....PERFECT! It was a great weekend all around!

Elliott doing his form...
The passing class! (Elliott's the last one on the right in the front row)
The next monday, he got to go to class and get his new, yellow belt.

His first yellow-belt class. He is sitting facing left with the blue head-gear on. Sparing (in full protective gear) is his favorite part of his new class.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

BSU games and Babies

Mike, Archie, me, Kristine and Jason headed to the BSU game tonight!! Heather and Kimo were there too, in the student section but they came and sat with us at half-time. Archie was a champ! There was a jet flyover that was a little loud (they were playing airforce academy), but he did great.

He had a super-cool BSU leisure suit to wear to the game:

Gorgeous autumn weather:

He fell asleep in the first few minutes, and slept through the first and third quarters. It was sooooo loud, I think he just retreated to his happy place. Funny, sleep is my happy place too.

We were only 4 rows in on the end zone! They were kicking field goals over our heads, and occasionally AT our heads. It was amazing.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lucy Gets Baptized

I have the best family ever, have I said that yet? For Lucy's baptism weekend, we had so much support from my family, and Mike's family, and it made it such a special time for her. Thanks so much! We had Juliet, Ruth and family, and Gramma and Pappa come from out of town, and we had Uncle Jason and family, Harmony and Had Abogi, and the Wilsons from in town. Here are some of the fun goings-ons!

Impromptu concert from Elliott and Karver. Recognize that tiny guitar Anne? Still being put to good use! Thanks again!

Gramma is so good with focused, one-on-one attention with the grandkids. They loved story time.
Karver and Elliott enjoying quality ipad time.
Aunt Juliet bonding with the cutie, Archie.
In classic Pappa style, he offered the kids a $2 bill if they could memorize a poem (he used to post poems on the walls at home and give us rewards for memorizing them when I was a kid). Lucy and Lilly memorized a Shel Siverstein poem about an upside-down pencil. Not to miss his chance for money, Elliott wanted to show Pappa that he memorized the church song "I Lived in Heaven"; all 3 verses! When it came recital time, he was a little nervous. Thanks Uncle Jason for documenting this moment!
nervously wrapping Lucy's $2 bill around my arm...
finishing the recital on my lap...
the audience...
and finally, the payout.
Fun family happenings weren't the only amazing things this weekend....there was the BAPTISM!! Mike baptized Lucy, and she chose to have Pappa Lund give her the confirmation blessing. That is when he lays his hands on her head, and by the power of the preisthood, gives her the gift of the Holy Ghost. From now on, she will have the Holy Ghost to guide her and help her in her life. What a blessing! Thanks for being part of her special day, Pappa!

Here are Lucy and Daddy before the baptism:
And here is Lucy after! We baptize by immersion, so she is nice and wet and clean all over!
Then there was the struggle of a family picture. There is so much I could say, but instead, I'll just show you. If I was a skilled photo editor, I could compile a decent family picture from bits of each shot, but it is much more fun to see the craziness of the moment, I think.

Oh well, we tried.
This next family picture turned out a little better. We were a calmer bunch. These are some of my family members: Aunt Juliet, Aunt Ruth, Mom Karen, Dad Lund, Aunt Emily, and me. Baby Karver snuck in there last minute, but EVERY picture is cuter with Karver in it, so we didn't mind.
Great weekend, thanks everyone! Like I said...best family ever!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

September Wrap-up

First of all, I'm not sure if I used the right "rap/wrap" in my title, but just go with it! Up first area some cute pictures of Archie from September. He loves his little cheesecloth blankies, as you can see...

Mike thought he'd be funny with the Archie crock-pot stew...
On Lucy's birthday, some youngwomen and friends of mine ran the Women's Fitness Celebration 5k. Here we are bright and early...
It is the biggest women's race, by the way! How fun to be a part of something so big...15000 women ran this year!

They don't care who runs, they take all kinds, as you can see.
It was so nice to have this race as a last hurrah with they young women. What a great calling it was, I'll miss those girls! Maybe we'll get together and run it again next year!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The last of the good weather

Lucy and Archie and I went to the park yesterday and just enjoyed the nice weather. Lucy found yet another use for her butterfly net Gramma and Grampa Johnson gave her. It was raining rose petals...
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