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Monday, May 18, 2009

ok, I've got it this time...here are the pics!

summer time fun.

it is impossible to know how this blog is turning out because for some freaky reason, I can't see the pictures on my computer! so, I hope it isn't too crazy. There are some of Elliott riding without training wheels, some "Before" pictures of my garden, some pictures where it looks like my kids actually like each other...and if I forgot any I'm sorry... I can't see them ya know! WE are all good, summer is coming, and it is hot already! I am loving gardening in my veggies and flowers (the flowers are a first for me). I am just getting started in couponing (I think it is a little out of my league), and it looks like we are FINALLY getting some answers about my health!!! YAY. Camping, water and veggie eating, here we come!