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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Catching up to do!

Geeze, I don't even remember when my last post was! Things are good here though, my in-laws are still living with us, but they did manage to sell their home in tennessee, which is good for them. But, we have convinced them to stay with us through the winter at least so they can save money for a down payment (and they think we are really going to let them move out of here!) Jason, Mike's brother, and his family have finally settled in about a mile away!!! We are so lucky! they had the cutest baby girl ever. You can see her on their new website, http://www.hynessite.com/ I have been tainted by looking for homes with them, so the majority of my time has been taken up in reorganizing, redecorating, and refurnishing my home in hopes of it feeling like a new home without actaully having to BUY a new one! It is a lot funner than it sounds, I promise you! Here are some pics to satisfy your cute-kid-cravings! Lucy had her fifth bday last month, and thus, her first party! Call me crazy and you might be right...we invited 20 kids, and only 1 parent stayed! But, it was fun. It was fairy tale themed so the kids could dress up, and I face painted, and we slew the dragon, it was lots of fun. We have also had our first snow...the earliest on record! Fun times, enjoy!