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Friday, September 4, 2009

School Time

Here are pictures of our August! First are Lucy's MAMMOTH sunflowers. I really have never seen sunflowers so huge, and I have seen some big sunflowers.

Then we have some of Lucy's first day of kindergarten. No tears from her, she didn't even wave to us from the bus! She just said goodbye at the stop, stepped on and was off! The last picture is of her after school--she was pretty happy.

Then, we have Elliott helping mow the lawn. Scary, but cute.

Lucy's new favorite thing is my eyeliner. I thought it was so cute when she put it on and then was "talking" on her phone. She was so serious! I just imagine her 10 years older with the same expression on her face!

We have a neighborhood party every year for "national night out", and I am the resident face painter--Elliott is getting an orange moon on his cheek.

Dr. Elliott makes an appearance, and then we get Elliott's crazy hair. he loves "hair goo", and he loves doing his own hair. This time, he did his hair and came running in proudly to tell me that his hair looked like daddy's hair. Not bad, and he's only 3! He loves his daddy, and decided that when Mikey was washing his motorcycle, it was a good time for him to wash his wheels as well--photo op! That about covers it...enjoy!