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Monday, December 29, 2008

Sorry, it's been 3 months!

Alright, so I am the worst blogger ever, but who can keep up: Facebook, blogging, c'mon! Anyway, I have no intention of filling you in on the last...er....3 months, so just know that we are all healthy and happy, Elliott is now 3, we had a great Christmas, our lovely Hynes parents are still living with us (yay for us!!) and life is good. Here are some fun pics for you to look at!

This is the whole Hynes gang together for Christmas. Yay!

This is my kids' favorite past time....putting on makeup. I don't know what I must really look like after I get ready, but both kids seem to think that eyebrows are very important indeed!

Here is Halloween. We have a very muscular spider man and a purple queen. We had a neighborhood party and I was able to dress Elliott in what I wanted!! A samarai who makes pie from the backyardigans! Pumpkin hunting at the local patch was lots of fun too.