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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Diagnosis: Go greener!

Ok, I have been struggling for a diagnosis for my autoimmune disease for the last two years, and this last visit to the rheumatologist gave me my first glimpse of one! It isn't conclusive, but he suspects that I may have rheumatoid arthritis. That is enough for me, I am kicking into action! I have begun eliminating all the chemicals I can from my home: shampoos, makeups, foods, cleaners, etc. This isn't just about the environment any more, it is about my health, and the health of my children. I have been reading up on autoimmune diseases, and they are becoming a silent epidemic. 9 million people in america have cancer, 22.5 million are slowly dying while living painful lives and suffering from autoimmune diseases. It is the hidden triggers: chemicals in our water, food, clothing, homes, air...it is just crazy. Ok, the preaching is over, but it is all I can think about now. Every day, I look for new ways to eliminate chemicals and keep myself from having incapacitating "flare-ups". Think about how many people you know with type 1 diabetes, arthritis, lupus, vidilygo, crohn's disease..all authoimmune...all triggered by pollutants forcing our bodies' immune systems to go haywire. Scary. Anyway, SAVE YOURSELVES WHILE YOU CAN! Or, just try to save me, live greener...it's a wonderful challenge, and a great feeling to know you are taking control of your health, and the health of those you love!
PS, this picture is a result of heavy-duty medication prescribed for my disease--actually a chemotherapy drug! I'm not on it anymore, trying and anti-inflammation diet now! Anyway, I was always sleepy, and Lucy took the opportunity to take my picture! What a doll.