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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blustery Ole January

Ok, January is long gone by the time I'm posting this, but it was very memorable so I'm posting it anyway. 
After all the Taekwondo-ing Lucy been doing, it was only a matter of time before Archie was going to give it a go, right? He's almost ready for the dojo!!

We set some family New Year's resolutions, and Lucy was our scribe: Being nice to Pyper: Lucy, Run a Marathon: Mom and Dad, go to the temple every 2 months: Everybody, Stay fit: Mom, Potty train Archie: Mom, Try to control anger: Lucy, Play with Archie 1 time a day: Lucy, 4th Grade: Lucy...Hey, looks like Elliott's off the hook! 

Oh wait, his teacher pinned him down at school and he decided "I'll listen to my  mom"; best goal yet!! 

We also set monthly family goals, and if we keep them, every three months we'll get a fun family outing.
January: Family Home Evening every week
February: Homework
March: Taekwondo twice a week
April: Service a Week
May: Prayer
June: Family Activities every week
July: Exercise daily
August: Family Home Evening every week (again)
September: Service a week (again)
October: Scripture study
November: Prayer (again)
December: Service a week (again...hey, it's a good one!)
So far, so good!

Archie is doing SO WELL with his eating! He is trying new foods (spaghetti here), and being better about it. Things are still tricky, and it is still (literally) a song and dance to get him to eat sometimes, but he is doing so good.

Just some BEFORE and AFTER haircut pictures.

Ah Elliott. So much energy spent tantruming and playing, he fell asleep on the landing!

Oh January, January. What is with your crazy weather!!?!? So much cold, clouds, snow, and frost!! This has been the craziest weather I've seen in the 10 years I've lived here. All of January was one big ice storm...

Some of it beautiful....

--See what I mean?--

And some of it....not so much.

The hoar frost was lovely, I'll give you that, but the centimeter of ice that covered EVERYTHING for a week straight? Not so nice. At least it gave the kids something to do at the bus-stop.

"Oh what do you do in the Winter time when all the world is ice?" You play silly games with your family of course!!

And you celebrate your 34th birthday!!! 
Ok, I guess the month of January wasn't all bad, it was the month I was born after all.