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Monday, July 14, 2008

Sumer Fun

Our camera broke on the fourth of July, Elliott dropped it from an incredible height! But, luckily, Mikey's brother Jason, and his son Rowan came last weekend, and they got a new SUPER-CAMERA!!, so he shared some of his pictures with us to share with you! Things are good, I am feeling healthy as can be thanks to physical therapy!! YAY!! If they asked me to I would stand on the street in a bone and joint costume cheering for physical therapy...I love it!! The kids are growing in size and catastrophe! They play together better than ever, and fight together worse than ever! Oh well, what can you do! I am also including a picture of Ruth's little baby Karver. This is Lucy's grumpy face, and her smile....we see both many times a day! This is elliott with his cousin Rowan, Elliott wouldn't leave his side! Fun times.