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yet we are the movers and shakers of the world forever, it seems

Monday, January 18, 2016

Nothing too Crazy

This new year has started out pretty slowly, C'MON DISNEYLAND CHAIN, SHRINK ALREADY!!
I DID start teaching piano, which has been so wonderful! I was so nervous to start, and even after my first 2 lessons, I wasn't sure how it was going because I wasn't sure how they were supposed to go! I've got 7 students, and had a few lessons each, and I am really enjoying it. I am taking lessons myself right now too. I am feeling so great about both. 

Archie got his haircut, which really isn't that remarkable, but the cut he got was pretty great! While getting it cut, he decided he wanted "Elliott Hair", so he got his first, official hairstyle!
 Elliott got 3 rubix cubes this Christmas, and Mike was the first to solve this one. I was so impressed, I had to get a picture. 
 Archie had to try too. He had his concentration scowl on, so I had to get some pictures. 

 We were walking into church, and I realized that all 3 of my boys had the same hairdos!! Quick photo to remember forever. 
 Arche had his Little Gym mid-semester show. He is struggling with going right now, and he was pretty disappointed when he realized this wasn't the end. I think it's a phase; he just wants to stay home all the time now!
 Lucy is doing a big project in school on "The trial of the century"; the assassination of Governor Stuenenberg. We took an impromptu field trip to the State Capital downtown to see his statue and grave sight. She is so excited about school, I LOVE IT!

 Ok, This chain looks much better! We are now officially 2 WEEKS away from Disneyland!!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ringing in 2016!!

We have had FREEZING temperatures here this year!! I don't think it's gotten above 20 degrees all week! Despite the frigid temps, because Mike had most of the week off, we thought we had to have some family fun, so we went snow-tubing at a close by park. Archie made it down one time, linked to Lucy, but the older kids did 4 before calling it a day. 

Another field trip was a viewing of the new Star Wars movie!!! Lucy has already seen it, so she got babysitting duty while Mike, Elliott and I made history.
We celebrated New Year's Eve Hynes family style, as usual. After a birthday dinner for Emery (not pictured...Bummer!!) We played and snacked at Jason and Kristine's house until MIDNIGHT!!! YES!! this year, all 5 of us made it to midnight! It really wasn't that much of a stretch, since the kids have basically been staying up until 11pm every night this week anyway. The real stretch will be getting back to school hours sleep schedule!! There was football watching, dance video-gaming, and poppers popping!!

This year is going to be great; I can feel it! Starting it off, January promises to be quite an adventure! I was making the calendar for the month, and it is so exciting. We've got:
1. My 37th Birthday, of course
2. Uncle Morgan and Sommer's wedding
4. Piano teaching starting
5. Lucy's new volleyball club starting
6. Elliott signing up for baseball
7. Archie's little gym show

Just so we can track the anticipation, here is how the Disneyland countdown chain has changed over the last week!!!! It's getting closer!!

Here we go!!!