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Friday, June 29, 2012

Day Two in Logan

The second day, we decided to start it out with a little trip down memory land. My Grandpa Johnson used to live in Logan while he was going to college. He worked at a little diner called The Bluebird Cafe (Aunt Ruth used to work there too!). This adorable little establishment is still in business, so we had to head over!

Then we headed off to enjoy a little sun at a splash pad at a nearby park. 
Looking for Archie? You'll pretty much always find him here...glued to Mike in some way. Of all of our kids, he's the biggest "daddy's boy" for sure.

 We wanted to all go swimming at the hotel pool too, but no babies allowed...BUMMER!! We still had bunches of fun! 

SIDENOTE: Archie got sick on the second night, and had tummy trouble for the rest of the trip, but he was a happy little trooper despite it all. We don't quite know what got him, but we are suspecting either almonds or watermelon. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day one in logan

First day!! We are on our way to Logan, Utah!!!

It was a 5 hour drive, but the kids were great, as they usually are on long drives.

We got there, and walked across the street to the fairgrounds.

We just wanted to stretch our legs after the long drive, but it turned out to be quite a little adventure!

There was a shallow little creek for the kids to throw rocks in..,

And run in...

And play in...


Monday, June 25, 2012

Almost there!

I'm almost caught up! We have had a few more memories made, so I have to document them of course!
Mike took the kids fishing, and Elliott caught his first BIG one!

Together, with Harmony and Dad's help, they caught over 40 fish! They left early because the poor kid next to them hadn't caught any, and they gave him their spot!

Then they went camping overnight sans Archie and mommy. I just don't love the image of Archie crawling through the dirt and ash...maybe next month when he's walking!

They happened to camp next to the Wilson's! Fun!

Elliott, again, remember he's obsessed with weather phenomena, was mesmerized by this felled tree. He'd seen a news report about the wind blowing down trees, and he was sure this tree was its next victim.
The kids have started going to a family class at Taekwondo. I love it because it's 2 birds with one stone, and I love seeing them work together. Like here, they are supposed to take turns wheel-barrowing each other...

Now it's Elliott's turn...

Nope. Nevermind. Lucy's turn again :)

We taught the kids a new game; recognize it? RUMMIKUB!!!! A Johnson family tradition. They're hooked.

I caught Archie sleeping. I love this moment.

There you go! Next up: our trip to Logan, Utah to visit the croziers!

10k! Hooray!

We ran a 10k!! Mike and I raced the 10k after cheering the kids on in their 1 mile fun run. There is NOTHING better than family fitness time. Love it!

A little pre-race stretch

We had wrist-band chips to track our time.

And they're off!

Elliott's back!

Rowan's back!

Lucy's back!

Mike's back!

Bonnie's back!

10k baby!!!

Hooray for the Hynes runners!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Keeping Busy

What else have we been up to this summer? We've been swimming a few times, to the gym a lot, the park a couple of times, and a few more things. Here's a little peek for you.

Archie sometimes gets random hives on his face! They don't seem to bother him, and they don't last long, but here they are. Oh my, just another piece of the puzzle

This picture just melts my heart! I love my boys.

A little nerf war before bed.

This is how the kids entertain themselves while I work out. The spinning class is across the hall from the court, so it's perfect!

Archie gets stuck again.

The kids did another science experiment. It's "Grow your own snow" from the store.

watch it grow...

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!

Lucy had some fun practicing her hair-doing skills...over, and over, and over again.

Mommy and Daughter pedicures

A picnic at a park downtown with the Wilsons and the Natzke/Johnsons. (that's Jason's awesome bike Archie's exploring!)

 And Archie's been a walking fool! He is finally confident in walking, and he loves to go, go, go! He prefers to hold something in his hand while walking. I like his choice to carry his blankie. So cute.