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yet we are the movers and shakers of the world forever, it seems

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Camping fun

Here are some pics from our FIRST CAMPING TRIP OF 09!!! We went to bruneau sand dunes and had lots of fun. Ruth and Jeremy surprised us by coming up to stay the night and we were so excited! The kids collected rocks and water in their buckets, and had some fun with the camper screens! Then Mikey cooked his famous "Mountain Man"breakfast and we loved every bit of it! The next few pics are of Ruth and Jeremy (as seen by photographer Elliott), and my little ward, Karver. since I am watching him several times a week, I felt it my right to style his hair in my traditional favorite "banker style". Isn't he cute! Notice his two little teeth in the last pic! Love you all, and all is well.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ok, just call this your Easter miracle! Bonnie is updating the blog AGAIN!!! I couldn't resist putting these super-cute pics up. The Heather Wilsons and Ruth Croziers came over, along with pappa and gramma johnson. What fun Easter egg hunting at the park and our front yard, and Easter fishing over our banister! Lucy was mysteriously ill that weekend so she crashed after all the festivities. What fun...enjoy!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

we're baaaack!

Alright, it is time for another post. I always know it's time when I am being harassed by far away relatives! it is nice to know that people actually look at this blog though! Mostly, I just like posting pictures, so here goes! This is Lucy desperate for Spring! She grabbed her gear, her crayons and books, and headed outside for some coloring time! And, now, we would like to introduce Mikey's new girlfriend! Betty the Harley! Isn't she lovely? I actually like her a lot too! Isn't he so handsome on his bike! YOWZA! Pappa and Gramma came to visit and we had tons of fun swimming and eating out! you can't see it, but Juliet, Charice, David and Christian came too! The picture of us at the restraunt is fun because I had a sinus infection and was trying to look pathetic....it worked out pretty well yeah? Uncle Jeremy and Elliott's giant block tower. Lucy and her co-op preschool friends at thier kindergarten roundup. And... FINALLY some nice weather and we fly kites! We had a few problems, but overall lots of fun!

Updates: Lucy can ride a bike without training wheels now. Elliott is POTTY TRAINED! Ruthe and Jeremy and Karver have moved up to Meridian for Ruth's internship. Larry and Yoon may have found thier house! Life is good!