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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013, you'll be missed...

Let me clarify: the majority of the year will be missed; this last week….I think I'm pretty glad to see you go! What a week!! On saturday, Archie was his usual, crazy self, but when I was getting his pjs on, I noticed he felt warm: 103 degree temp! WHAT?!?! He's the funniest kid: most of the time, you can't even tell he's sick, he is still so happy and energetic. Then, on Sunday, he started to point to his mouth and say, "ouch". Great. Still 103. On Monday, he refused to eat or drink, and still 103, so we took him into urgent care. We always have his eosinophillic esophigitis in the back of our heads, and the sore throat had us worried. Better safe than sorry...
 The above picture just shows you how sick he was. He hasn't fallen asleep in my arms since he was weeks old. He screamed through the whole doctor's visit (again, very strange for him, he loves the doctor!), but he was happy afterward; it's amazing what a lollipop can do! Nothing came up, just a cold, go home and wait it out (but maybe stop the dairy and egg experiment until he's feeling better, just in case).
 Whew, Monday is over, no more drama, right? Not this week. At Elliott's tongue-surgery checkup, they noticed his tongue wasn't fully released. With our deductible met and only days left of the year, Elliott was back in surgery on Tuesday. HE. WAS. NOT. HAPPY.
 But, even though he wan't happy, and knew how it hurt, he did it anyway because he knew it would help. You guys can't begin to know how amazing this boy is. We are so proud of him.
 This time, because it was a little more detailed procedure, they gave him an IV, knocked him out, and put a little morphine in his drip. He looks peaceful enough, but when he woke up, he was inconsolable. He was panicking and weeping and telling me it was all my fault (worst mom moment EVER).  Maybe it's a genetic reaction; Archie did the same thing after his last endoscopy.  The nurse said it was very common coming out of anesthesia like that, she said even adults cry. 
After a few minutes, a few puffy eyes and popsicles later, he calmed down and we got to take him home.
 That is the face of a VERY brave boy.
 Lucy wanted to come support him again, and she was so great. It reminded us of our Savior, and how His suffering allows Him empathy to succor us. Lucy had empathy for Elliott, she knew EXACTLY what he was feeling, and it was so great to have her there. BEST mom moment ever :)
 Ok, Tuesday drama is all over right…RIGHT?!?! Yeah, it is. We did take Lucy to get her eyes checked, but that didn't involve any drama, just a lot of squinting, puffs of air, and fun glasses.
 Really fun glasses! But, the best glasses are yet to come!! 7-10 days to a squint-free Lucy!!
 FINALLY, Tuesday night, NEW YEAR'S EVE!!! Because of sick babies and post-surgical Elliott, we decided to have New Year's celebrations at home this year…. around 9:27. After some play dough fun, noise-makers, Martinelli's and New Zealand's pre-recorded ball-drop... 

 ...we made some resolutions, counted our blessings of 2013, and went to bed. 

When we wake to 2014, we'll find new adventures in running marathons, getting black belts and 2nd degree black belts, and (hopefully) potty-training!!! What a year it promises to be.