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Sunday, July 7, 2013

June is so much fun!

Being that this is supposed to be the summer of 100 miles, the kids started it out with a one mile Race to  the Capitol. Our cousin, Lilly, did it last year, and it looked like FUN, so this year we decided to do it. The kids put on their new running gear, their numbered bibs, and their smiles, and they were ready to go!!

It was so fun! We were there cheering them on with Had Abogi and Aunt Juliet, the Wilsons and Aunt Emily and Uncle Jason. At the end of the race, then kids get medals, Subway sandwiches, ice-cream, cookies, water, string cheese, and whatever else they may want to make them feel AMAZING!! So fun, we are certainly making this one a  tradition!

What a fun day!

These are the props for our cheering section...pretty cute huh? 

We've been spending a lot of time at the community pool in Harmony and Had Abogi's sub division. Archie loves to run and run and RUN around in the shallow steps while I chase him frantically because he can't right himself when he falls down, and ANY water in his face sends him into a wide-eyed, blinkie, choking panic...

Elliott loves to splash around trying to learn to swim in the 4 foot section...

And Lucy can pretty much go wherever she wants. WE LOVE IT!!!!

What a slacker I am!! I don't think I got any pictures of elliott's coach-pitch baseball on the blog!!! Hmmmmm, I'll have to look into that and remedy it right away!! But, it was a great season on the Orem Owls team, and here he is at the end of the year party.

When we cant make it to the pool, there is always a quick way to beat the heat (record-braking this year: 111 degrees!!) with our Sponge-Bob sprinkler in the backyard!

Harmony has been CRAZY mushroom hunting lady this summer!!! She literally has BUCKETS of mushrooms that she has gathered from the wild to freeze, dry and EAT!!! She took Lucy hunting with her once. They gathered morels and a korean "coral" mushroom.

***Ok, I just looked into the whole missing baseball photo thing, and I realized that I missed blogging about the entire month of APRIL!!! WHAT??!?!?!? So, the next post will be all about the joys of April...just 3 months late!