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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Poor little guy

I've got a sick baby. No fun. HUGE bummer, in fact. Tuesday night he threw up in the middle of the night, Wednesday morning, still sick. Thursday brought diarrhea, CRAZY BAD diaper rash, and a low fever. Fast forward to today, Saturday, and all the symptoms are still going. I've never done so much laundry or had so many impromptu baths.

This is how we usually see him. He just got unstuck from another intentional tight-squeeze crawl through. He seems very proud of himself.

This is how we see Archie lately. Just snuggling in. He's just lethargic and sad all the time! Unless you're changing his diaper, then he's screaming. So sad.

This is his "I took a nap too soon after a bath with my wet hair" look.

Yep, another bath. We are trying baking soda soaks to help his little kundangi ( Korean for bum).

At least he enjoys bath bum-washing more than being wiped...whew! Poor little guy.
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hop Hop, Splash Splash

Happy Easter everybody!! Easter is a great holiday in the Hynes house for lots of reasons. It is a great time to remember our Savior, and teach our kids about Him, and it is a great reason to do very fun things with all of our family. We get to spread the love out over two days. On Saturday, we had a HUGE Easter egg hunt at a friends's house (she hides 3000 eggs!!).

Then it was straight back home for brunch ,dyed eggs, hunted eggs, and Easter Fish with the Wilsons and Emily and Jason.

The egg dying was kind of a fiasco, but like most fiascos, it turned out better than if it had been smooth sailing. We used brown eggs, and the dye was all bubbly and weird.

But, look how pretty they turned out!

After the dying, it was off for the hunt! We plant the eggs in our front yard and at the park.

The grown-ups have fun watching (how crazy that Joy is in with the grown ups now! I think this is the first year she didn't hunt...kinda sad and exciting at the same time.)

What was Archie doing during the hunt? Poor little guy was just stuck inside chained to his bouncer; next year Archie!

After the hunt comes the loot-sorting!

Hee hee, I snuck some pistachios into some eggs...I'm my Father's daughter after all.

Then it was Easter Fishing time! Mike took some great pictures while I stayed downstairs to help the fish (Archie was helping out too. Apparently the fish doesn't mind if babies see him. No kids though! They've been trying to catch him for years).
PURE JOY on their faces.

On Sunday, we headed to Harmony's and Had Abogi's house for another egg hunt and Easter dinner.

Run, Baby, Run!!

WE DID IT!!!! We all beat Pete! Mike ran the 5k in 26:30, I ran it in 27:30, and Kimo was right behind me!! Pete ran it in 28:50, he wasn't even close! Hee Hee. After I had Archie, I set a goal to not just finish the race, but actually BEAT PETE this time. After a bit, I dropped that expectation because it just seemed too much. Then mike got on board, and together WE DID IT!! Have I said that yet?... WE DID IT!! It was so fun to set this goal with mike, and see it through!

The kids were such troopers, and Harmony was, as always, a lifesaver for watching the kids while we raced.
We wanted the kids to be there to see us accomplish our goal, and we couldn't have done that without her help!

Lucy took these next two pictures near the end of the race.

The race ends at Bronco stadium, and Archie wasn't sure about the strange blue grass.

Our kids were so proud of us, and we were proud too! Next up for us...a 10k!! We'll see. . .

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

April Fools is FUN!!

At our house, April Fools Day is right up there with birthdays and Christmas. My kids LOVE IT! Lucy and Elliott let Mike know that they wanted to be good and pranked on April Fools Day, so we tried to oblige. We used some saran wrap to give the kids some pranks, some balloons stuck in doors to startle Dad, Mike rubberbanded the faucet nozzle to spray me and lucy, and we made some April Fools Day treats--my favorite part. Usually, we make candy sushi, but this year, it just seemed like too much work, so we made fake burgers and fries instead:

They're Nilla Wafer buns, brownie burgers, dyed coconut lettuce, sesame seeds corn syrup-glued on, and frosting condiments. The fries are sliced pound cake broiled in the oven. I downloaded the trays and fry bags from the internet and put them together. They turned out pretty cute, and the kids had fun putting them together with the Wilson cousins.

And now, onto a brief Archie update. He is a crawling fool lately, and he is busy! His favorite thing to do is to roll anything--cup, ball, lid--on the ground and chase them around. He also just learned to pull himself up on things, but he hasn't learned to let himself down, so we get a lot of calls for help.

Which brings me to his next milestone...his first word!!! Sort of. His first sign language word: "more". He signs while saying, "Muh Muh", so it kind of is his first word too. Here is a picture of him signing it.
He can also sign "help", "finished" and "drink". HE'S A GENIUS!! Until he starts his next hobby...crawling into the tightest spaces he can find and getting stuck there. Being the great mom that I am, I snapped few pictures of him doing this before I rescued him. Here he is between the two chairs:
And here he his jammed between the red couch and ottoman. Heather has dubbed him the extreme crawler becuase he not only does this, he also looks for obstacles to crawl over and deliberately makes his way toward them. Couch pillows are his favorite.

Elliott started TBALL practice! I am over the moon happy about this because I am a softball girl at heart! I love teaching him about how to catch a grounder and choke up on the bat, and all the other baseball catch-phrases I can think of. He has an AMAZING arm and is already learning all the rules and fielding positions. I don't know which of us is happier, maybe we'll see in the coming weeks.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Festivities

So many great things happen in the spring! St. Patrick's day, flowers blooming, spring showers, spring break, monster truck rallies. I've been so busy enjoying all these great things, that I've fallen behind in my blogging again. It's inevitable. I was doing so well, but nothing lasts forever right?
Imagine this: It's the night we got home from our trip to Arizona, the night before St. Patrick's day. We just wrestled the kids into bed (they can't go to sleep; they're too excited to see what the leprechauns are going to bring them tomorrow!), Mike and I settle into the big, purple, fluffy couch to watch some tv, and listen to the spring storm outside. I get up to get a late night sweet of some kind (yay Easter candy season), I look out my window and see this!:

I yelled for the kids to get out of bed (unprecedented) and come see what is happening outside!! We then discuss that this must be how the leprechauns travel, and they go to bed even more blissed out on St. Patrick's day....perfect.

Wasn't that a heart-warming story? Now for our tragedy. Archie's first bandaid-worthy boo-boo. Poor guy cut his chubby little foot on a carpet tack. Don't ask why our house has exposed carpet tacks, you might get a Bonnie-rant, just know that his injury was not severe and he is recovering nicely.

He also spiked a HUGE fever (not the fault of shoddy flooring), and we took him to the Dr. Lucy got busy in the waiting room and built this:
Turns out it was just a crazy fever that lasted for 3 days and ended with a rash...roseola maybe? We may never know.

Also on St. Patrick's Day, Mike and his brother Jason took the kids to the Monster Truck Rally! They had fun times, of course!

Love the cool kids posing in front of the bat mobile, and the cool ear wear!

St Patrick's day is also Mike's Mom's Birthday, so we had to celebrate! I made some yummy themed desserts:
Now that St. Patrick's Day is out of the way, spring can officially begin, right....right?!?!?!? C'mon Boise, get on board already! THIS is how Boise does spring!! Daffodils sitting in snow.

It got nice eventually, so we headed to a close park for Archie's first park adventure!! He loved sliding with his big brother and big sister.

Spring Break is another great part of spring. We had to go the Community Flatbread Pizza so the kids could make their own little pizzas (thanks for coming Joy and Lilly)..
...And then we just HAD to go to Powell's Sweet Shop and get some edible Lego candies, right?
And then our wonderful neighbors, Ron and Sonya, had the kids over to paint their spring bird houses.

I'll have to take a picture of them hanging in my apple tree. In the dead of winter, and I mean DEAD of winter, when nothing looks alive, or cheerful, I love to see these little, colorful houses sitting in the brown sticks of my apple tree.

This year, I asked Mike to clear the dead growth from my garden because I was creeped out by the prospect of running into spiders. He and Lucy were troopers and got it done for me!!! I love seeing them working together. Bonding over hard labor is the best way to do it!

Next it was over to the park for the first kite flight of the year.

More Spring adventures to come! It is the best time of year in Boise. So unpredictable, but so exciting!