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yet we are the movers and shakers of the world forever, it seems

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Coming to June

I may have already said this, but when we bought our house, we realized it was much bigger than we needed, but we also knew that it was God's plan for our family. So, we decided to make the best of it by trying to make it a gathering place, a home of fun and love. It didn't take long for our vision to become reality!! About a week after moving in, my parents, Gramma Karen and Papa Lund, came to visit, along with Great Grandma Frazier. YAY!!! We had plenty of room for everyone, and when we all gathered for family dinners, we fit just fine!!!

 It was a beautiful visit. For Family Home Evening on Monday night, we listened and recorded all the grandparents telling stories from their childhoods. That was priceless. We come from a mighty lineage, and their power and experiences make us who we are. I loved it, and the kids were entranced!!
 Grandma Frazier has such a beautiful healing energy, I used to look forward to her visits as a child because that meant a Grandma Massage!! Archie was having one of his meltdowns, and she just bent over and laid her hand on him. She didn't say anything, or move it at all, she just rested it there. Her calming love was perfect. I was so happy to capture the moment.
 For so long, we only got to see my grandmother at her beautiful California home once a year, so it was so special to have her in MY home for once!! She would mostly just observe, but it was so nice to know she was here.

After the grandparents left, Aunt Juliet cam to stay for a business meeting!! SWEET, ANOTHER GATHERING!! We always love when Aunt Juliet comes because she pays such special and focused attention to each child...something that, as a mother, I often forget to do. Thank you for your example, Juliet!!
 Once all the guests left us, we had to make our own fun, so we went to play at some parks.
 HAPPY-HEART MOMENT!!! Big brothers are the BEST!!
 Lucy got to play volleyball league this spring, and it was SOOOOO fun to watch!! She is tall, and she is strong, and she is amazing!!!

 And, a gratuitous Archie picture just because I think sleeping babies are cute.
 The kids ran in their 3rd district-wide fun-run, I always love to see them run!!

 Then we headed down to Utah for Dad's Marathon. Harmony took them to get their hair painted while we waited :)

 Here's the big finisher!!! We always love to see him race too!!
 Of course, we had to enjoy the hotel pool while Dad recovered from his race. These trips aren't all hard work you know!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

May I continue? (FINALLY!!!!)

I hate when I 'm behind, Actually, I don't even know what it feels like to be caught-up anymore!! But, one of the things I hate, is that I have forgotten so much. I've forgotten what I felt when I took the pictures, and the story I wanted to tell. I'll do my best, but just know that you are DEFINITELY getting he succinct version!!

When we moved in, it was such a fun and sudden transition!! After months of winter, spring hit!! So, along with a new house, and a new backyard (with a trampoline :), we had beautiful weather to enjoy, so the kids were outside ALL the time!! Archie was either on the trampoline,  roaming in the rocks, or riding his scooter on the patio, even in the rain! It made my heart very happy.
 We laugh, because, even though we only moved a mile away, it was like a new world! Suddenly we were seeing quail in our backyard, ducks crossing the streets, and...
...Archie discovered his new best friends: the fire hydrants on our walk to the ... 
 ...neighborhood pond. A pond, which I was very excited about until I saw the sign that said "no throwing rocks". Awe man!!! Not so fun anymore..
 Soon after the move, we enjoyed the little indoor-theater with a showing of The Wizard of Oz. It seems like a random choice, but not when you know that we were taking the kids to see the Broadway play, Wicked the next day, so it was a must-see!!
See, all gussied-up for the play. 
They loved it. I hope they can grow-up appreciating musicals, it was a gift my parents gave me, and I would love to share it with them too!
 Part of settling-in is making the house feel like our home. First thing first...FAMILY PICTURES of course!!
That's our month of May...mostly. I can't leave without one gratuitous cute picture of Archie for you!!