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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oh my goodness, Logan day 5!!!

Ok, worst blogger ever, I know. I still haven't finished the Logan trip and it was a month ago!!! Because Archie had some reaction to something, he had a terrible diaper rash. So, we were back to the baking soda bum soaks in the tiny hotel sink; it was kind of cute.

Since we weren't leaving until after lunch, we snuck in some more batting cage time. We all loved it so much!!

Kason looked so sad looking in longingly, so Ruth helped him bat too.

 Archie didn't get to bat, but he had fun anyway.

 This next segment I like to call: Archie's Exploring mishaps. It appears that a hotel room just offers more places for Archie to explore, and get stuck, like....

Between the chair and bed...

 Chasing something under the crib...
 Under the hotel bed...
 Between the hotel bed and night stand...
 Between the other bed and nightstand...
 Whew! Well, at least we know he explored every inch of that room.

The boys had fun on Karver's little automatic car. Elliott has wanted a power-wheels car for a long time, and I think he got his fix while we were there.

We love Logan, and we love the Croziers!!! Until next time!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fit for Life Appendix

The Fit For Life race had a photographer at the finish line, and Mike and I bought the pictures, but it took a while before we could download them. The finish was fun because they put the finish line at Home Plate at the local Minor League Baseball team's field. Now Mike and I have finished a race on the Blue BSU turf, and on home plate! I like how the photographer caught us both in the air too.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fit for Life

After the crazy-hard 10k we ran a few weeks ago--I was sick and all psyched out-- today's race was AMAZING!!!! It was a Fit for Life 10k and Mike and I ran it together until the water stop at mile 4.5, then he pulled ahead and finished like a champ. He finished in 59:59!!! I finished 1:02; we both bested our personal records!!!!

Here we are pre-race.

After the race, we're never quite as pretty, but we ARE so proud.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Day Four in Logan

The fourth day was a lot of fun outdoor activities...most within walking distance of Ruth's house! We walked to the fairgrounds that had 3 parks all across the street from each other:
The kids played on the teeter-totter, nicely balanced,
 Then Kason gave them a whirl on the merry-go-round.
 I thought we'd give Archie another go on the swings....nope, still doesn't like them.

There were batting cages adjacent to the first park! I've been trying to get Mike to take me to some cages for a date for a while, so I was so excited! They were very low-maintenance. Just grab a helmet and bat from the unmanned office, put your quarter in the machine and go!

 This is the WONDERFUL purple and pink bus that the WONDERFUL Jeremy drove us around in. It was so nice to get to ride in the same vehicle wherever we went...it made the journey as fun as the destination.

 We drove by the ridiculously lovely Logan Temple, and had a picnic at yet another park.
 We grabbed some Aggie Icecream, and headed to the Logan Cemetery to see the gravestone of my great-grandpa Charles Robert Johnson, the kids' great-great grandpa. It was beautiful. Ruth brought Grandma Laura's history, and we looked at pictures of him, and read stories about him. Lucy was hooked. She didn't put the history down for the entire drive. My mom reminded me that when Lucy recieved her priesthood blessing as a baby, Mike mentioned that she would feel a closeness and responsibility to seek out her ancestors...who knew it would start so young? It will be an amazing gift in her life.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day Three in Logan

Day three, we set off in the big purple and pink van for Salt Lake City!! Elliott was most excited for this part of the trip. I don't know what he thought was in Salt Lake City, but he was excited to get there and see it!

Our first stop was the Hogle Zoo. It was a hot day, but the zoo had plenty of misters and fans strategically placed around the zoo.
 The mommy and baby Elephant were especially cute.
 All the kids loved the carousel....well, not quite all, Kason wasn't thrilled with the wild ride. 
Archie's first carousel ride, and it had to be on Mommy's lap.
Lucy snagged the elephant,
And Elliott raced to get the flying Eagle.
 Archie had to settle for the kangaroo, cause that's what Mom picked.

Please enjoy the many expressions of Archie. Apparently the carousel evokes a gambit of emotions from 1 year olds. This photo segment is also proof that he's been gaining weight back...check out those cheeks, thighs and chins!!

 Photographic proof that the Croziers were there with us!There's no denying it now guys, you have been seen with us.

 Play time.
 Polar bear look-out.
 This is how Archie explores the Asian Highlands.
 We even got to go on a little train! 
Row 1: Elliott, Archie and Mike
 Row 2: Mom and Lucy
 Row 3: Ruth, Jeremy, Kason and Karver

After the zoo, we headed to the new mall across from Temple Square. They had a candystore, and since it is Karver's life-long dream to visit a candystore, we had to oblige. I got a caramel, chocolate apple, Mike got chocolate-dipped cheesecake on a stick, Elliott got a patriotic sucker,
 And Lucy got a chocolate-dipped BRICK of icecream (evidence pictured below).

 Second Daddy-nap of the day. This is how Archie enjoyed the Church History Museum. No, it wasn't that boring, it was actually very fun.
 See, lots of fun stuff for the kids to do, like play dress-up...
push strollers...
 harvest fake chicken eggs, and listen to instruments from Central America...
 Paint digital pictures, and pretend to be conference speakers...
 and see how you measure up to Angel Moroni.
Fun right?
After the museum, we visited the temple visitor's center. The children were very touched when we came to the creation room with the Christus Statue. It was amazing to see the immediate change in their demeanors. They were so still and thoughtful. It was a super-special Mom and Dad moment. Elliott and Lucy still talk about how they felt looking at that statue. 

What a perfect ending to a full and amazing day.