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yet we are the movers and shakers of the world forever, it seems

Monday, June 9, 2014

Moving after 11 years...

What the?! Moving, how did this happen? We are kind of still wondering the same thing. It happened so fast, it was quite an adventure. When Heavenly Father decides you should do something, it just happens, we were only along for the ride. How did it happen.....hmmmm...it all started with some VERY quick sales of homes in our neighborhood, but that wasn't really a big deal, that happens sometimes. Then, one sunday at church, some friends of ours who are renting, said they were getting ready to buy, and they were thinking about our house. WHAT!?!? Our house was actually desirable to someone? Our beat-up, simple, 10 year old house? 

That was interesting too; now the cogs are spinning a bit. Then, Mike got his yearly bonus from work, and mentioned that it would make a nice downpayment on a house...ha ha... Wait, what? Should we try? it might be exciting. Let's just try, maybe we'll sell, and maybe not. Either way, we're fine and we'll get a good spring cleaning in :)
Oh silly us, thinking anything I do is simple!!! Mike forgot that I have a little one-track-mind problem, so when I get the green light, I GO!! I was on a mission now. Food was optional, sleep, for the first time in my life!!!, was optional. I was a box gathering, junk-sorting, packaging machine!!! 
Week 1: Packing and staging
Every day, when Mike got home from work, there was another 20 boxes waiting for him to take to the garage, his parent's garage, or to find room for somewhere! In one week, I had packed about 2/3 of our things. That weekend, Kristine and Jason came over and we rearranged furniture, moved things to Larry and Yoon's house, to the dump or to the thrift store. We planted flowers, and got everything perfect. 
 Week 2: painting and cleaning. 
This was a fun week. This was a week of list-making!! Lists of what to fix, what to paint, what to clean, SO FUN!!! We fixed things that had needed to be repaired for years!! (what 12 inch tear in the carpet hidden by a strategically placed buddah?!?!) We got our windows cleaned, our hardwood refinished. The house was sparkling!!!

What happens when you refinish hardwood in early spring in Idaho? You create a live-in freezer. Luckily the kids coped just fine.  That's Lucy and Archie under the blanket, and Elliott bundled up on the chair :)
The next weekend, Jason Natzke took pictures. That Sunday night, we posted it on Craigslist.  
Week 3: SOLD!!
On Tuesday, after 9 walk-throughs,  my friend listed it on the MLS, and by thursday, it was sold....WHAT THE, WHAT?!?!?! We had 4 weeks until closing. When we started thinking about selling it, we said all the stars would have to align perfectly for this to happen: we would have to get the right bonus, get the right price for our house, sell it in time, sell it as-is. Well, it's like I said, when Heavenly Father wants something done; it gets done. 
 It's funny though, once it happened, we were actually sad to have to leave. After years of thinking it was "just our house", nothing special, we realized we kinda liked it :) Sure, I would have loved a bigger kitchen, some kind of bonus room, and nicer carpet, but it was our house
 We started our family in this house, our entire marriage in this house. We love our ward, our neighbors. Apparently change is hard, I had forgotten because I never do it! 
 When I was pregnant with Lucy, we chose bright, primary colors for her room.
 For Elliott, it was brown and blue, classic cowboy themed.
 We never did get around to decorating our master, but we didn't need to; we were always playing downstairs anyway :)

After talking to 4 realtors, we decided on a price for our "for sale by owner". After selling it in 2 days, we were told by other realtors that it was "very competitively priced", oh well, what can you do! I think it was the right price because we sold it, and that's what we wanted to do :) The highlight was that it was a family friendly home RIGHT next to the park...
 ...with one of the biggest backyards in the neighborhood. What a beauty. I will miss the apple tree in bloom, my wild-poppy flowerbed, and the park. Mike will miss the 3 car garage and NOT MISS mowing the big backyard :)

So, that's how March left us. Dangling between homes. It was exciting; not knowing what was coming. We knew we were going to Saguaro Canyon, a subdivision a mile away, because that's where Mike's parents and brother's family live. There was a chance we would still be in the same ward even, because half of the neighborhood is in the Edinburgh ward. What would the house look like? Where would it be? Only April knows for sure!!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

MOVING along with March

I just think this is a cute moment. I love that kids don't care about being cold, or rained on, they just have fun. It was the same way growing up in Arizona: 110 degrees or 65 degrees, we were outside playing. Crazy kids.
 Ahhhhhh, the bowl-cut. Every kid needs it at least once, right? Poor kid. It's not his fault his mom cuts his hair. I guess he's lucky he made it this long without one. It was an accident, but I still think it's pretty cute.
 Spring. SPRING!!! Oh I love SPRING!!!!!! I love the flowers, the clear sky, FINALLY the feeling of warm sun on my skin! I love Spring! Bring on the park fun.

This is a series I like to call 
"Mom, count to 10!"  Or, to make it more clear, Archie's hiding spots.

As creative as he is at finding the perfect hiding spot, Lucy was having a harder time. She had outgrown most of the good spots in the house. Only one thing to do about that....



February at Last

I'm not going to lie to you... It has been so long since these pictures were taken, that I don't remember a lot of details....oops. I'm trying to catch up, but I'm even falling behind in doing that!! February is a dreary month here, and it's not just because it's my after-birthday let-down :) It's usually cold and cloudy. So, to cheer the kids up, we took a little trip to Powell's Sweet Shoppe!!

This is our trip to Boise Fry Company before the candy store. Lucy was stuck at the "kids' table". She was not happy.

This is an example of my missing some of the details....Lucy was sick, but that's all I can remember!!! Lucy says she had a high fever. Poor thing.
 VALENTINE'S DAY!!! Of course I remember Valentine's Day! Mike was so sweet and got me flowers and chocolates...perfect way to fight the dreary winter blues!

 These orchids were actually his gift to me last year, but they re-bloomed in time for V-Day again this year. I count it; 3 bouquets :)
 Poor kids. By V-Day, I am so over the sugar of the holidays, so they don't get a very big haul. The first picture is of my chocolates from Mike, then some shots of the kids' goodies. Elliott and Lucy got Valentines for each other this year. Elliott got Lucy an Orange Crush, and Lucy got Elliott Swedish Fish; both of their favorites :)
 We have been having trouble with Archie's behavior with other kids. At the YMCA child watch, and the church nursery, he has been getting in trouble for hitting other kids and not listening. He is a nice kid, but he is VERY energetic, curious, impulsive, and likes a good reaction. Hitting seems to be the best way to satisfy all these. So, we have been trying to involve more structure and boundaries in his life. The BEST way to do that is The Little Gym. We did it with both Lucy and Elliott, and it was great. I forgot just how great. THEY ARE AMAZING!!! They help him learn to sit and listen, take turns, and wait in line, but more importantly, they remind me that he is  just a little boy, and he is still allowed to learn and explore. It has been great.

 He didn't grasp the concept of group activities so well, but the teachers assured me it was fine, and I was able to relax and just watch him explore. It was nice to see him as his cute, energetic self, rather than constantly worrying that he was "at it again!"
Of course, the stamps after class are always the highlight.

We started to get a little Spring poking around the end of the month, and Archie was all over the mild rain. What does fashion matter when it's the first nice rain of Spring!!?!??
 Elliott made this Minecraft Herobrine head out of perler beads. He was so proud, he asked me to take a picture and post it on Facebook. Of course I did.
 What is this?!? Now nice weather and NO RAIN!!! February, you are spoiling us!!
 Oh. Ok. That's more like it, February.

 We were sad that February also saw the last of Lucy's first season of basketball. WHAT A FUN TIME!!!! She loved it, even if she did apologize her way through every quarter. The aggressiveness of it isn't necessarily for her, but she never stopped grinning as she ran the court, listened to the coach yell, "throw it to Lucy" constantly, rebounded like a pro, and threw her arms up in triumph after every successful shot. We loved watching her.
Another yummy outing to Aspen Leaf frozen yogurt...
 You may ask, "why are you crazy enough to go get frozen yogurt when  it's snowy outside?!?!"
"Oh...that's why!!"
 When the kids test for taekwondo, we let them pick a celebratory treat. Lucy did a maintenance test for second degree, so we celebrated!!

How to stay cozy...with a good book...
 ... and a good brother...
 Elliott got his first scout accomplishment!!! His Bobcat!!! Dad was working, so we had to make due. Luckily, Archie was there to help out :)
 Archie's car wash.