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Saturday, October 20, 2012

We love to see the temple!!

The Boise Temple is having an open house following some renovations. During the open house, anyone can tour the inside and see it's beauty and feel it's Spirit, and learn a little more about why they are so special to us. We took the kids through with Mike's parents and it was so beautiful. The night before, we made little 3-D baptismal fonts and the kids were so excited to see them for real. The kids absolutely loved it. It's not something they will ever forget.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yikes! The First day of School!

Summer has ended, and school is here. For one last hurrah, we headed to the State Fair, a tradition of ours that I LOVE!!

Archie loves his little dirt-mustach he gets from being outside...
Lucy loves the flying swings...

and Elliott loves the gentle roller-coasters.

With the end of summer came FOOTBALL SEASON!!! Elliott is playing PAL football, and he couldn't be happier...it is a sport after all, that's all it takes to get his excitement flowing. We love watching him, and playing at the park adjacent to the football fields!

Of course, the end of Summer also marks the beginning of School!! I am a very lucky lady whose kids adore school. They cannot be more excited to go to school! Elliott wanted to go to the bus stop a half hour early.  This year Elliott is is first grade (he goes all day now!), and Lucy is in third (my favorite year of elementary school).

Waiting in the early morning sunshine at the bus-stop.

I made them a little "yay first day of school" treat when they got home. Of course, they also got a new book for the first day of school, we are keeping the tradition alive.

Look how excited Archie is to see them after a long day stuck with only Mommy!

Off the bus! He looks smarter already!

Melt a Mommy's heart with that smile! I'm so glad that she's still so happy to see me. 

This is a little survey to show you what is on their minds this year. I'll try to do one each school year to keep track of them growing up....it happens too fast for my meager brain to process it all, so this should help me remember the little things a little better.