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Thursday, March 31, 2011

A confession

I have kept it a secret for long enough. It's time the world knew our secret....we have an addict in our home. His name is Elliott and he's addicted to tape. It is costing us money and wall space, but what can we do, we love him! Here is evidence if his addiction:

Elevator taped to the wall and carpet

Practically laminated drawing taped to the wall

Calendar securely taped

Recycled monster truck ramp taped to the floor

Yarn ball taped....I don't know why

Monster truck taped together

Drawing fully taped to the wall

And here is the man himself. He looks so innocent, so happy and unaware.

If you think you can help, or have any coupons for tape, please contact us! We'll answer the phone if it hasn't been taped beyond using!!

P.S. He's still going! He can't stop!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Fun Continues...

Finally, the promised pictures have arrived! Monster trucks and Baby Showers....they totally go together! Dad, Lucy, Elliott, Uncle Jason, and Cousin Rowan all went to a Monster Truck Rally this month. They had lots of fun with earplugs, pizza, flags and autographs. Here are a few shots Mike took of the festivities.

Retro Grave Digger and the kids:

Some crazy dinosaur Monster truck and the kids:

Fun times...I think we are making it a tradition until the kids outgrow wanting to go. Of course, by that time the baby will be old enough to go so we will just start all over!
Speaking of Baby....

The Shower!

Heather and Emily planned and pulled off the best shower ever! We had it at my sister-in-law's, Kristine's, house. This was perfect because I didn't have to do ANYTHING! Heather and Emily planned and prepared it, and Kristine hosted. I am especially grateful for Kristine's hospitality because it meant I didn't have to organize, clean and decorate my own home for the event....THANKS!! Look at the spread on the refreshment table! It was a garden party theme, so there were springy colors and beautiful flowers everywhere. There was also a hint of tea-party thrown in. The treats were all small finger-foods like you would find at a pleasant tea time. Heather and Emily also gathered mismatched tea cups from local thrift stores and used them as decorations, the drink glasses, and the take-home gift...they were loved by all! It was casual; no games planned, so there was just plenty of visiting and eating and much fun to be had. It was perfect. Thanks guys!

Here are some of the girls enjoying their spot of tea and cakes.
They are (from left): Lilly Wilson, Hannah Holbert, a guest, and Lucy

Heather snapped a quick picture of yours truly. It is the only official pregnancy photo I have , so enjoy it!

Gift time is always fun...especially at a baby shower because everything is just so CUTE!! The kids gathered round and we opened up the goods. Thank you everyone...for a while there it seemed like my baby would be naked forever! He will now be clothed, wrapped, moisturized, diapered and played with! We are set!

Here are the lovely ladies that made it all happen...Thanks so much best sisters EVER!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hynes Happenings

Here are some happenings at the Hynes' house! I had some contractions this morning and have been ordered to "take it easy", so there may be many blog posts coming seeing as how I don't have much else I can do while in my back! This week was St Patrick's Day, kindergarten roundup, crocheting at Harmoni's house, and other fun stuff. Here goes!

Elliott got his black stripe belt! It's the highest rank he can get until he's six, so he is excited to be at the top!

Kindergarten roundup is for the kids going into kindergarten next year. Elliott got to see the school, meet the staff and explore the special classes. Here he is underwhelmed in library time.

He is excited to be there, don't let that last picture fool you!

St Patty's day! The leprechauns didn't let us down this year, hiding their gold in the bathroom drawer, under their scriptures, and in their coat pockets.

Harmoni taught the kids to crochet and the are obsessed. All they want to do is go to Harmoni's house and knit! It is crazy they are old enough to do this.

Here is Elliott in his paper-boy cap; just like his daddy. He's a little ham and I love him!

Fun times, and certainly more to come!

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fun times in the Freezing Spring

I woke up this morning with my puffy feet, swollen hands and giant face, and I looked out the window to see a hard frost....sigh. C'mon Spring!! But, when I looked harder, I saw my daffodils budding, onions poking up in my garden, and I even heard birds chirping!! Spring is coming, she is just taking her time. About the swollen-ness, some mornings I just wake up a water balloon. It's weird, there is now rhyme or reason to it, it just happens sometimes. Sweet. Just another perk of being 8 months pregnant! Here are some of the exciting happenings of the last little while at our house....
-Elliott wanted to buy another Zhu Zhu pet, so he did some chores. He earns 25 cents a chore, and in 2 days, he earned 18 quarters! He is a determined kid.

-Lucy learned to criss-cross jump rope yesterday! She has been trying for over a year and yesterday she finally got it! Now she is a criss-cross pro and it's all she does all day long.

-Mike found a newsboy cap that fits his head and he loves it. I found one at Target for the baby, and Elliott got one online from Gap! There will most certainly be pictures to come, we are just waiting on our littlest model to show up to the shoot.

-Elliott, Lucy, Mike, Uncle Jason, and cousin Rowan are going to the Monster Truck Rally today. I will not be going because as Mike says, "they don't make ear plugs for my tummy."

The rest of our happenings can be seen in the following pictures...enjoy!

Lucy went on a special geo-caching date with Dad to the caves in Kuna! Here is a picture of her underground after climbing down a dark ladder into the cave.

Lucy loves her Cousin Joy, and to honor her keen fashion sense, Lucy popped the lenses out of some old 3-D glasses and created her new, favorite fashion accessory. She wanted to wear them to school, but I had to nix that idea.

Another Kuna geo-caching adventure while I was napping one Saturday. Dad took the kids and Cousin Rowan out for some adventures.

Lilly had a Birthday! There was a baby ( of sorts...I think it was a little rubber rat) in the cake, and Uncle Mike found it. We love having the Wilsons and Emily and Jason so close, these Sunday birthday bashes are the best!

Elliottt and I created and laminated a driver's license for him. He isn't happy with the picture I chose....apparently it isn't tough enough for him!

Lucy tested for her Blue Belt! Usually, we just take it easy and let her test in about 3 months, but green belt class was getting huge, so we decided to try for 2 months this time. She was amazing. She practiced after school most days, made it to 3 classes a week every week, and she did it in 2 months! Look at some of the cool stuff she got to do.

Her form. I love this backstance pose because it looks like tai chi to me.

One step sparring. She got to take down an older boy! SWEET!

Breaking a board with her back kick. No explanation needed.
They gave us coupons for Jamba Juice. It is just down the way from the studio, and if you wore your uniform you got a free teeny jamba. Very cool.

And here is the belt.
Congrats Lucy, we are so proud of you!

On a cold, snowy day, we got to watch Elliott's friend, Bo. I decided to take them on a field trip to my favorite store in Boise...Powell's Sweete Shop!! They loved it, and so did I.

Mike loved it too because I brought him home some chocolate covered bacon on a stick....mmmmm.
Those are our happenings, stay tuned for monster truck updates, baby shower reports, and pregnancy pics! Love you .

Monday, March 7, 2011

March is here...March is here!!!!

But first...what happened in February? Let me sum it up for you with a dialogue of pictures!

For Valentine's Day, Mike got Lucy and I a pedicure, her first, my haven't-had-one-in-12-years! So, on President's Day, we were off on our little date. The pedicure was scary for Lucy because it was an unknown, and it was AMAZING for me to have my puffy, pregnant lady feet pampered. Lucy lost her fears as soon as the water bath was turned on and she realized she had a captive audience in the pedicurist...several times she and her husband commented on what a chatter Lucy was. That's one of the things I love about her!

Here is the finished product. Lucy chose a nice purple, and I didn't choose anything; much to the confusion of the pedicurist! I just like them clean and pretty.

Then, as if that wasn't enough, it was time for my semi-annual hair appointment! Hooray! Elliott got his hair all Superman-ed out and we took a little beauty shot. I love the grin on his face in this one.

Oh wait...it gets better! Harmony and Had Abogi offered to watch ALL the grandkids over night so the parents could play! So, after dropping the kids off Friday night, Mike and I .....went home and went to bed. I know, not exciting, but VERY appreciated. The best part of the whole thing was the time the kids got to spend together and with their grandparents. I received text photos from the people in the action. Here is what they did:

Rowan had a Jedi tournament on Saturday, so he grabbed Elliott and they fought some super- villains! Elliott said he beat Darth Vadar twice! This must be him training with Yoda.

That left Lucy and Merric to play with Harmony all day Saturday. She loved it.

This is the craziness that must have taken place all night Friday...you guys are amazing Harmony and Had Abogi!

That is the rest of our February. What a wonderful time! We are SOOOO looking forward to spring and warmth and gardens and sunshine and water-games and blossoms and flowers and BABY!! April can't come fast enough, but if all the weeks are as fun as this one was, we will enjoy the wait.